A Guide to Choosing Storage Cages for Your Workplace

Storage is one of the biggest priorities in designing an efficient workflow within your workplace.

Neat, organised storage helps to minimise wasted transport, inventory and motion. 

A key aspect of Lean Thinking is maximising product value for the customer while minimising waste; without sacrificing productivity. The 5S System is used within many leading organisations as a method for improving workplace efficiency and effectiveness:

  • SEIRI - sort
  • SEITON - set in order
  • SEISO - shine
  • SEIKETSU - standardise
  • SHITSUKE - sustain

In some applications, the sixth 'S': SAFETY, has been added which we think is highly important. A supportive and safe working environment ensures the team will be present the next day - and no organisation functions without team members!

Using our simple guide will help you to invest in storage cages that will streamline your storage system, furthering your journey to create a lean, clean, smart and organised work area.

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What items do the storage cages need to hold?

The size and weight of the items you're storing needs to be considered when choosing your storage cages. Are they fragile and need extra protection? Do you need a divider system for small parts?

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Where will the storage cages be used?

The environment you're using the cages in will help decide whether you need enclosed sides, a lockable lid, pallet racking feet or a full steel construction. Consider whether you need to use the storage cages outdoors, or whether they need to comply with quarantine regulations.

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Will the price fit the budget?

Even if you're not concerned about the price, there's probably someone else along the chain that is! Find out what your budget is, and work with it. You may be able to go for a custom design, or, at the other end of the scale, you may need to spread your purchases over a few months to lessen the financial impact on your organisation.

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What existing systems and equipment do the storage cages need to work with?

Take a look at your current systems within your workplace. Will your storage cages need colour-coding or signage to ensure they're kept in the right place? What about the current equipment you use - will your storage cages need to be stored on racking or shelving systems, and how will they be transported?

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